k.t. blue designs challenge

over the last few months i’ve issued a weekly k.t. blue designs challenge via my facebook page…so here’s the running tab of winners:

#1 Favorite celebrity. Strangely enough, the Burt Reynolds centerfold won. So here you go:

burt reynolds

burt reynolds


#2 Favorite quote…I love this one…

caterpillar quote design



#3 Favorite fairy tale. I tried to make her look as bemused as possible…

princess and the pea

princess and the pea


#4 Favorite place. This one is dear to me. My darling friend Alison won, with her favorite place being the red bench overlooking Galway Bay where she and her husband (then boyfriend) smooched…

galway bay with text

red bench. galway bay

oh, and here’s the tote bag i made for her…

galway tote bag

galway tote bag

#5 Favorite song. My dear college friend Michael won with “Fly Me to the Moon”, which, if you knew just how dapper Michael is, you’d realize how utterly perfect his choice is…He now carries his sheet music in a tote bag on which I put this design. What a handsome image!

fly me to the moon (2)

fly me to the moon


#6 Alphabet Challenge. Finish the sentence…”A is for….”

aloha (2)



#7 Favorite childhood memory. Got lots of beautiful memories for this one…but Greg won with his memory of winning a watermelon eating contest after school the day he forgot his lunch…

watermelon (2)

contest today


#8 Favorite advice about love. Terry wrote in with the sage advice that whomever you choose as your partner in life should “make your heart smile”…

love makes your heart smile

love makes your heart smile


#9 Alphabet challenge: Finish the sentence “B is for….” (Can you tell someone had Mad Men on the brain?)

B is for Betty

b is for betty

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