better than robert redford

i just came across a cookbook that i wrote and illustrated for my grandmother deedles while i was still living in washington, d.c.

deedles' cookbook

i remember working so hard on it (while pretending to be working on important items for the think tank with which i was employed)..luckily i worked in one of those hidden cubicles next to a large window (cleverly overlooking The Mayflower Hotel) that would easily reflect anyone approaching my desk. i remember gathering all of the recipes from friends and favorite cookbooks of mine and spending hours on the illustrations both at work and in my little apartment with the warped parquet floors.  

better than robert redford

anyway, looking through the recipes now, after all these years, they all look so GOOD! recipes for flan, divinity, double peach mousse, honey bars, opera fudge…honestly, i’m gaining weight just reading it. so, of course, i’m going to have to try one of the recipes again. i think i’ll go for the “better than robert redford.”
delicious? perhaps.
better than robert? doubtful.

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