groceries and memories

i was grocery shopping this morning and my cart was overflowing with items. i seem to have run out of everything all at the same time. turkey dogs, parmesan cheese, milk, fat-free coffeemate (a must!), oatmeal, craisins…cart filled to the brim. and as i’m careening around the corners of the aisles with my things, i see this older gentleman watching me and smiling. finally, around the juice boxes, he came up to me and said, “i’ve been watching you and all of your groceries and it made me remember when i used to do the grocery shopping for my four sons and i’d have even more in my cart.” we talked for a bit about raising sons and the sheer magnitude of what they eat…and then he said goodbye but not before saying, “seeing you makes me wish i was grocery shopping for them just one more time.”

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