thinking of interiors lately…perhaps because woody allen’s film of that name came up in conversation recently as one of my favorite films. one of those films that you see, love and then wonder why in the world you loved it so much. same with allen’s “september”…just adore that movie, even though it is, much like “interiors”, quite difficult and melancholy. my thoughts on interiors have, like most ideas, turned themselves into potential pieces of art..and i’ve begun to create a series of interiors…rooms that i don’t currently inhabit but that nevertheless make me feel like home. i started

sunday morning crossword...copyright k.t. blue designs 2009

with “sunday morning crossword” which, if you know me, includes four of my favorite things: coffee, a crossword puzzle, bed, and a picture of scotland (or maine depending upon your mood). for the background i used a piece of the wallpaper that we originally put in the bedroom of our first house. (which i still love…). i was interested in creating an imaginary interior that was simple and yet spoke of the person who might inhabit it. i do love the bedroom…i love it at night when i can read with the window open and listen to the sounds from outside.

So, then i started thinking about other rooms that make me happy. and i immediately thought of the kitchen.

my quiet time...copyright k.t. blue designs 2009

i’ve touched on this in an earlier post, but, again, i liked the idea of creating a room from scratch. sort of a cheap means of redecorating my house – just cut it out of paper and put it on the wall instead…so, then came “my quiet time” which captured the essence of the kitchen for me – (again with the red and white, you say….well, yes. get used to it!) with the big red stove and the big vase of flowers and, yes again!, the cup of coffee.  and why quiet time? well, as much as i love a bustling kitchen, brimming with my boys’ laughter, i do occasionally retreat to my kitchen to cook – alone with my radio on (preferably with the “away we go” soundtrack) and just enjoying the simplicity and comfort of cooking.  then, just yesterday, i felt the need to create another interior.

a dear place...copyright k.t. blue designs 2009

this time a nighttime image…i wanted to get all of the blues and greens and greys and whites of the evening all wrapped up in a room, and…so…today came “a dear place” which, at this very moment, makes me feel very content. i’m so glad i came across an old package of see-through paper that i had used for some wedding invitations years ago – with which i could make the sheer drapes and the flower vase. and, sheerly by accident, i actually like how the excess glue behind the drapes makes it look like there might be frost on the windows from the cool night air. wouldn’t you like to just cozy on up into that big white easy chair, sip the spot of coffee on the end table and watch the moon? i would. i think i will.

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