little picassos

self-portrait #1

friday’s k.t. blue designs art class focused on pablo picasso and the art of self-portraits. we took a peek at the many self-portraits that picasso did during his lifetime and talked a lot about how each of them looked different and that none of them looked exactly like the photo of picasso i showed them. i wanted the children to know that a self-portrait is less about what you look like on the outside and more about what you think of yourself on the inside. each child was given a self-portrait by a different artist (kahlo, da vinci, van gogh, arcimboldo and even a beautiful self-portrait collage done by an 11 year old boy!…see! you don’t have to be a grown-up to be an artist!).

then, in the spirit of all things picasso, we turned on some gypsy kings as background music and set to work on our own self-portraits. the children were each given a piece of flesh-colored paper to match their skin-tone and we drew the outline of our head and shoulders. turning that piece of paper upside-down, we cut out the head and shoulders and began to paint our hair, face, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and shirt. that piece was then glued onto a piece of vellum paper. and that paper was, in turn, glued down onto a piece of paper that i had earlier printed out with each child’s name recurring in different sized fonts. the end product? here you go…

self-portrait #2

i love how each child opted to create their eyes and nose, in particular. some choosing a little button nose, and others a long, swooping, almost abstract one. and, well, some…no nose to speak of. (which is just fine by me. i’ve never cared for noses anyway…) We also discussed and put into play the “super secret artist tip of the day” which is the little dot of white that you can put in each iris to make it seem more lifelike. we looked into each others eyes and saw that little speck of white from the reflected lights…and the kids thought that was just amazing.

the class take-home items were each of the childrens’ self-portraits in addition to one each of the famous self-portraits. the children also received the artist fun facts of the day that i put together…

picasso fun facts

can you believe picasso had 23 words in his name?

just a great class with wonderfully creative and imaginative children. how lucky i am…

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