paper table runner part deux

wrapping paper

the paper table runner is definitely coming along…after collecting all of my paper (again – hooray for the container store and their heavenly collection of wrapping paper…) i brought it home and decided which papers i liked best for this. i’m going with my pure white dishes this thanksgiving, so i wanted to keep in a very simple color scheme and brown and white…so here’s the paper i chose:

so cute. the one on the left is made to look like linen, which is perfect since i’m cheating and trying to make a paper runner look like fabric!  

so i measured my table (only 6 people this year, so my basic table size will work great!) and cut a length of the linen-esque paper to cover the span of the table and about a foot and a half wide.

table runner

then i took the brown paper and cut it into three sections and glued those sections onto the linen paper, leaving about an inch in between each section to give it some breathing room. i guess i could have left it just like this, but i wanted something a little more fancy and, well, i just can’t get enough of ribbon, so here we go…i took my star hole punch (i use this for EVERYTHING – cards, artwork…a great little investment from Michael’s Crafts) and put holes every 6 inches along the perimeter of the runner so that i could then lace my brown satin ribbon through the holes…and this is the end product so far…

table runner with ribbon

love it! now i just need to wait until thursday to set my full thanksgiving table with it and i’ll be sure to post how it looks with my white dishes and the place cards that my sons made…i love mixing handmade things with beautiful china and crystal – it seems to bring a simplicity and a whimsy to the table…in the meantime, have fun with your own preparations for turkey day…and save a piece of apple pie for me!



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