in praise of women

my mother's arms

this week our community suffered a great loss and  it has shaken me to my very core. i am stunned, angered, saddened…i find it impossible to even wrap my thoughts and heart around the terrible loss that a wonderful family has suffered. and while i, myself, have struggled to create some sense from this situation, i am struck by the sheer power of the women in my community who have collectively risen to the occasion and created an almost improbable support network within moments.

i have known great grief in my life and i have been blessed to be there with my loved one at the moment of her passing – to hold and comfort the one i held so dear and to tell her that it was alright if she decided to leave. that i, that we, would be alright. and i, too, was the fortunate recipient of much love and much support. at that time, i witnessed the sheer magnitude of what good people are capable of in times of crisis.

and i in no way intend to discount the great support of men in these circumstance, but i must praise the women this time. the amazing collection of women who have felt a piece of another mother’s grief and have banded together…with love and sympathy and, perhaps most importantly, with great speed and efficacy.

to be part of this great outpouring of support…to participate in some small way in bringing some semblence of joy and support and kindness to another family is such a gift. one that makes me keenly aware that i am so fortunate to be among these women in my life who act and serve and care and have empathy and sympathy for another.

we are all different women. wonderfully different and unique and beautiful in our own way…but we are perhaps never more beautiful than these days when we give of ourselves and link arms with one another in protection around another one of us. creating, perhaps, one small warm and safe place in the world.

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