handmade for a month

my husband and i were talking about new year’s resolutions…and, among the more obvious goals, lose weight, get in better shape, watch less tv, play more board games…i had a thought. let me know if you think it sounds crazy, but i think i’m going to try to go completely handmade for a month. at first, i thought i’d try it for the entire year, but my more rational husband thought perhaps i should just try to go for a month and then see how it goes. so, here goes…

as of january 1st, 2010, i hereby promise that everything that is created in my home, be it a meal, a gift, a card…will be handmade. no more frozen meals, no more pre-packaged desserts…if we want waffles for breakfast, i’ll make a huge batch one weekend and freeze them for easy toasting in the morning. if we have a birthday party to go to, i’m responsible for either making it myself or working with my sons on making it for their friends.

now, i’m fully aware that i’m not exactly breaking the mold by doing this…this is how it was done for centuries, but in an age where i am awfully guilty of breaking out the frozen marie callendars pot pie instead of making one myself, this will be an adventure.

i think this came to pass because i started to think about why i love my business…and it’s not only because it’s creative and fun and artistic and wholly and entirely ME, but it’s homemade. handmade. made with love and laughter by me and no one else. and i considered how to extrapolate that out into other areas of my life, and so, now, we have the January handmade challenge…

first, a few rules apply:

1) No frozen foods. (including, frozen vegetables, ice cream, pre-packaged meals)

2) If it’s an ingredient, i can buy it…for example, i just don’t have the wherewithal (or cows) to make my own cheese, so i can buy cheese, milk, etc. i’m really going to try to make my own bread, so wish me luck…also, i’m not exactly equipped to brew my own beer or age my own wine, so fun beverages can be purchased…

3) this also means that i can’t buy coffee from starbucks or peets. (horrors). homemade coffee will just have to do…as long as i buy the beans and brew it myself.

4) No meals out. I struggled with this, considering that the food prepared at a nice restaurant IS handmade by the wonderful chefs therein, but even my husband thought that was too much of a stretch. so no eating out.

i’m sure more rules will come to mind as I get started, but i think that’s it…over the next week i’m going to try to get as organized as possible…but i’m excited about this…excited to get a little more simple (even though i’m sure it’s going to seem all but simple in the beginning…)

as i’ve often said, the best things in life are handmade. art, gifts, food, and love. so now i’m just going to have to put my money where my mouth is…


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6 responses to “handmade for a month

  1. This is so inspiring! I love the concept and want to try this myself. Good luck on everything and I am looking forward to hearing how this goes!

    • ktblue

      Thank you so much!!! It’s a little daunting.. i mean, i love to make things, but it’s almost like going on a big diet!…which i should do too, by the way…: ) i’m looking forward to seeing how it goes – i’m hopeful that i have the gumption to keep going after january is over…..thanks again for your comment! i really appreciate it!!

    • ktblue

      by the way….your jewelry is GORGEOUS! i just looked at your etsy listings – so beautiful! congratulations on your wonderful creations!!!

  2. i’m looking forward to keeping tabs on your blog and reading about your adventures!

  3. Victoria Johnson

    Hi Katie,
    A couple of websites to help you on your mission:
    http://cookiepiebklyn.blogspot.com/ She also has an amazing dessert cookbook


    I look forward to reading all about it!


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