day 4: sitting at starbucks without getting one

good morning with tea

now, i may end up sounding like a complete and utter moron, but i’m very pleased with myself that i was able to sit at a starbucks for a business meeting this morning and not actually order a starbucks. no peppermint mocha. no non-fat latte. no triple pump, 150 degree, half caf caramel latte with an extra shot…(don’t you love those orders?) i actually was organized enough to bring my own freshly brewed coffee in a thermos. hooray for me.

in other news, the boys enjoyed a lovely breakfast of leftover sour cream coffee cake (even better the next day, as with most things – except an opened can of seltzer…speaking from experience), lunch boxes were full of homemade granola bars, bananas, carrot slices, sliced deli meat and thermoses full of cranberry juice.

for dinner? my grandma deedles’ stuffed peppers – so easy and so yummy…fry up two pounds of ground turkey, add one diced onion and cook until glossy, add tomatoes and tomato paste, diced celery, garlic powder and salt. and keep cooking on medium heat. in the meantime, cut the tops off of eight bell peppers (i like red, orange or yellow best…green tends to be too bitter for me), then stuff each pepper with the mixture. top with shaved parmesan cheese and bake at 350 for 45 minutes. yum-o-rama…

i caught myself a few times today reaching for a fruit roll up for the boys, or considering a luna bar for myself, but then resisted..opting instead of some sliced apples dipped in cinnamon sugar…

still no bolts from the blue about birthday gifts for my husband. macrame planter? lanyard? handmade spitoon?


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5 responses to “day 4: sitting at starbucks without getting one

  1. Mom23GirlsinDC

    I have two thoughts 1) Popcorn would make a good snack – for variety top with Old Bay or Parmesan cheese or make caramel corn; 2) Consider a home-made day out for a Bday gift, complete with kites and a picnic lunch. The weather’s agreeable year-round there, right? Or bake several batches of his fave cookies and stock the freezer.

    • honestly, you have no idea how much my husband would LOVE these….gosh…where can i get a pattern…and a sewing machine…and sewing skills…: )

  2. Balthasar

    Might be difficult to sew, unfortunately.

  3. Alison

    I am making the filling for Deedles’s peppers tonight, and will stuff and bake them tomorrow night after work. Will let you know if this is an absolute disaster.

    In the meantime, if you would like the bizarre yet charmingly delicious recipe for meatballs in applesauce-cider gravy, which are tonight’s dinner, let me know. 🙂

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