day 6: bad, bad homemade person

the guilt is excruiciating, so i’ll just admit. i had a momentary lapse in handmade-ness….due to a series of unfortunate events (with apologies to lemony snicket) and to avoid a complete and utter 4-year-old meltdown in front of an entire preschool, a non-homemade lunch was provided. granted, it didn’t originate from my home, but rather from a little mom and pop shop called target, but still…i honestly feel terrible about it…and here and now avow to remain steadfast in my promise of homemade goodness…please do forgive me as i attempt to forgive myself…

in other news, i did make about 6,000 waffles ahead of time for breakfasts into the next week, created a delicious homemade mexican tortilla soup, complete with homemade baked tortilla chips and have a delicious pot of homemade maple baked beans already on the stove.

back on the wagon. i promise.

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