day 7: baking blues

day 7 and i’m a little blue. my pb&j on two pancakes went uneaten, the homemade granola bars are gone, the homemade ice cream is now only a memory, and the boys are so desperate for a fruit roll-up they’ve succumbed to leaving them around the house as not-so-gentle reminders of what they once had.

i’ve loved what i’ve made: maple baked beans, chicken tortilla soup, toffee bars, sour cream coffee cake, coq au vin…it’s been wonderfully invigorating to be cooking as much as i like to, but i definitely feel like i’m in the kitchen as awful lot. and homemade can be surprisingly expensive…

i’ll feel better about all of this tomorrow as i gaze into my freezer upon the little happy faces of 25 pancakes, but for now i’m pooped.

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