day 9: the breadmaker cometh

the breadmaker has arrived and it’s just lovely. my first loaf (country white) was a bit, well, tough, but i am committed to working on crafting the perfect loaf. my grandmother Deedles used to make the most beautiful loaves of bread with her breadmaker – and she’d make grilled cheese sandwiches on these enormously thick slices and there was really nothing better than sitting in her kitchen with her, eating a grilled cheese sandwich with the windows open and cheese stretching for a mile between your mouth and that sandwich…so, i too, will offer my sons such a grilled cheese sandwich…hopefully sooner rather than later…

made zucchini pancakes yesterday – very yummy for my husband and me, but “a gooey mess” to my sons. oh, well, try and try again…

am realizing that there are certain products that i will never buy in processed form again. i.e. whipping cream. why, oh, why did I live for so many years with a spray can of, what deedles used to call, puff cream, when i can pour thick heavy whipping cream into my kitchenaid mixer and within seconds have the most luxurious whipped cream on earth? and who knew how easy it was to make chocolate syrup just by microwaving a good chocolate bar for 30 seconds and then stirring it until it’s smooth? and my boys are still talking about the homemade tortilla chips from last week…if anything, this homemade for the month has shown me new ways of bringing homemade into my home and capturing some old favorites in a new way…


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