reviving the dork in me

i recently came upon a poem, well, rather a limerick, that i wrote to my husband, then boyfriend, two months after meeting him. needless to say, the fact that he didn’t run screaming for the hills of northern virginia after reading it is a true testament to how wonderful he is…

you’ll notice in the poem that he and i at this rather infant stage of our relationship already had little nicknames for one another…sip (me) and flo (him). don’t ask.

just enjoy the dorkiness. and perhaps take it as inspiration to write a similar, perhaps more eloquent, poem for your sweetie-pie…

Ode to Flo

There once was a girl from the West,

A peach of a gal! Just the best!

A Master’s Degree

And a vision to see

When in business attire she is dressed.

“Sip’s the name,” she did say,

With a flick of her hair in that way,

That she practiced at Heaven

When, round quarter past eleven,

She found Flo, whom she loves to this day.

You see, Flo was a helluva fella

Witty! Brilliant! Que bella!

Sip finally found her match

When Flo she did catch

She sings his praises a cappella

So here’s to my dear sweetie, Flo

Who will probably never quite know

The extent of affection

Aimed in his direction

Sip’s once and only true beau.

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