day 25: it’s not over yet

i’m realizing that this homemade for a month gig is a bit like sticking to a diet. you try and you try and you fail a few times, but then you get right back on the horse and continue on with a renewed energy and dedication. well, i’ve definitely failed a few times – if evidenced only by the fact that one of my fellow classroom parents called me out on the fact that 3 items in my son’s snack were not homemade. yes. you caught me. my 1st grader wanted, for the first time EVER, to pack his own lunch, so I let him choose what he wanted. and he wanted saltines and sour patch kids and i let him, even though they didn’t originate from my oven or my broiler or my cuisinart. and yet, after this not-so-slight castigation, i re-entered the fray…more dedicated that before.

i will say that my entire family has eaten nothing but homemade bread since january 1st. and that, my dears, is no small feat. and, i’ll be honest…i like making bread. i like the smell it brings to my kitchen and the comforting whir of the breadmaker as it turns the dough. and i especially love taking the bread out, piping hot, and offering my sons a hot slice of freshly make bread with butter on it. yum.

i will also say that my family has eaten nothing but homemade ice cream since january 1st….tonight it was chocolate ice cream with crushed M&Ms in it. which, much to my son’s dismay, turned the ice cream a sort of pinkish hue…but was delish all the same.

even though my homemade adventure isn’t over for another week, i do think i’ve encountered a few life lessons already..things I will do differently…a renewed joy of cooking…a keen willingness to think seasonally and locally in terms of my food buying…i’ve been frustrated by things not turning out exactly like i planned (i.e. fried green tomatoes) and i’ve definitely fallen off the wagon (i.e. sour patch kids) but i’ve tried and i’ve learned and i’m looking forward to the next six days and the lessons i will take with me…

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