homemade for a month…

well, the month has come to a close. was i perfect? certainly not. did i try my darndest? oh my goodness, yes. here are my topline learnings…

1) i love to cook. i really do. and this experience has really taught me just how much i enjoy the act of cooking for my family. it’s fulfilling and fun and my boys love to help and watch and just generally be in the kitchen while i’m there and i love that. i hope years from now they carry with them some memories from the kitchen – of adding eggs to the cookie batter…of testing muffins with a toothpick…of that magic moment when whipping cream turns from liquid to heavenly…

2) there is absolutely no earthly reason to ever buy ice cream again now that i have consistently made it in my ice cream maker. the other night we made almond joy ice cream with real coconut and almonds and chocolate. seriously? dreyers has NOTHING on me. : )

3) i really missed certain foods. i missed those frozen tacos from trader joe’s and fruit roll-ups and yogurt covered raisins. and while i certainly loved making my own granola bars, and i definitely plan on making them again, it will be nice to occasionally buy the ready-made ones and save myself the hour and a half it took to make them my hand

4) i honestly didn’t really miss store-bought coffees, i.e. lattes. this is quite an amazing statement coming from little miss caramel macchiato, here. but i came to really enjoy my own coffee at home and will most likely continue down that path

5) i ate taco bell today. and it was good.

6) i love my breadmaker. i counted, and i made 16 loaves of bread this month and they all got consistently better and i am going to love making bread for years to come.

7) this has been a wonderful, fulfilling, difficult, frustrating, heartening, inspiring month-long  commitment and i will take with me my love of cooking and my occasional love for nachos supreme hopefully merge the two seemingly disparate affinities into a happy household…

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