k.t. blue class: heart scarves

fuzzy hearts

yesterday’s class was so fun…we made heart scarves for valentine’s day and the kids had a ball…

i started with cutting out 200 hearts from red and pink fabric and made create straight rows of hearts (why? i’ll tell you in a minute), then cut two holes in the top of each through which we’d put the ribbons…then i cut a whole lot of ribbon in four inch segments…

once the children arrived we started mapping out the patterns we wanted in out scarves, laid our hearts out and began knotting the hearts together with various pieces of ribbon. i told each child that the scarves could have no less then 20 hearts in them to make sure they were long enough…i loved watching the patterns and ribbons that each child picked…we had a great assortment of ribbon – grosgrain, polka dots, stripes, florals..so the kids had a great selection to choose from…

the scarves turned out beautifully! and we wrapped each of them in a cute gift bag and each child wrote out a gift tag…perfect for a valentine gift..there are going to lots of happy mamas this valentine’s day…

as for the fabric i cut the hearts from..i wanted them to be in straight rows because i turned the fabric into the tablecloth for the days lesson…


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