Monday is for Music

i’ve thought a lot lately about what i’m passionate about…what really makes me feel inspired and happy and alive…back in my PR days, i used to sit next to a great guy who LOVED collecting things…fiesta ware, old mexican movie posters…and he had this wonderful passion for them – was constantly on ebay and craigslist looking for new pieces to add to his gorgeous oakland craftsman house..and, at the time, i was envious of his collections. i realized that i didn’t have any “thing” that i really collected. my family has historically collected lots of things – german smokers, maud humphrey bogart figurines…but other than the collection of beatrix potter figures from when i was little, i didn’t have much interest in collecting items…but recently, i’ve decided that i DO have a number of collections – more of ideas than things – collecting new songs and artists that i’ve heard about or discovered on my own, collecting new quotes and books that change my thinking day to day, collection new recipes and dishes for my family…

so as of now, we’re going to do things a little different – a little more organized…so here’s the schedule:

Monday: Music (new artists, old songs i love, anything that i think you must listen to either for the first time ever, or for the first time since 8th grade)

Tuesday: Books (mysteries, children’s books, romance, short stories, poems …anything literary that floats my boat that week)

Wednesday: Food (recipes, products, ingredients, cookbooks…anything yummy)

Thursday: Causes (be it political, social, environmental…this is my chance to share old and new causes of interest and importance)

Friday: Artwork! (this is my chance to introduce a weekly piece of new art to everyone! gotta get those scissors sharpened and those creative juices flowing!)

Saturday: Adorable thing of the day (could be a cow creamer! could be a joke my 6 year old told me! stay tuned for all things adorable!)

Sunday: Day of rest…zzzzzzz…

Sound like fun?

So, here goes…

Monday: Music

laura marling...alas i cannot swim

Laura Marling. Laura Marling. Laura Marling. She glorious and amazing and unique and so, so so, young! At 18, Ms. Marling is a brand new kind of folk singer and I just can’t get enough of her. She has a new album which I haven’t really spent enough time listening to to really speak about, but her LP “Alas I Cannot Swim” is just ethereal and lovely…particularly “Ghosts” and “New Romantic”…..a girl after my own heart if you haven’t heard her, you should…

stau tuned for tomorrow’s “Tuesday is for Books”…and if you have recommendations for me, they are most appreciated!! i’d love to hear what ideas you have for things that should be included in this!!


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