Thursday is for Causes

Thursday is for Causes: Sesame Workshop

Face it. We all grew up on Sesame Street. I was of the generation of Bob, Mr Hooper, David, Maria, Susan, Luis and Linda Bove, who instilled in me a fascination and love for sign language. We remember “1,2,3,4,5….6,7,8,9,10…11,tweellllllllllllve” as the little ball goes rolling through the obstacle course.  And my children still love it, although my oldest is starting to think maybe he’s just too grown up for it. And through my children, I’ve seen Michelle Obama, Christopher Reeve, Garth Brooks, Anderson Cooper and, my kids’ favorite, Dr Feel (Dr. Phil’s muppet twin) make a difference in the lives of children by an appearance on the show.

But, did you know there’s an entire world behind Sesame Street? It’s called the Sesame Foundation and its the nonprofit organization set up by the creators of Sesame Street…I’ll let the web site explain:

“From television to books to online, Sesame Workshop’s content for all forms of media is providing learning opportunities for children in Bangladesh, South Africa, Egypt and India.  From HIV/AIDS education in South Africa, to respect and understanding in Israel and Kosovo, to girls’ education in Egypt, get to know our Sesame family members better and their efforts to reach children. We have an ever-growing family of monsters, grouches, birds and creatures of all kinds, speaking various dialects and singing local songs with local rhythms.”

Sesame Workshop is a wonderful resource for children and parents alike – bringing the whimsy and wonder of Sesame Street and the lessons it teaches to a global audience.

Come and play. Everything’s A-OK.

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  1. I just stopped by through Yahoo and wished to take some time to be able to say I appreciate it with regard to the movies!

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