Thursday is for Causes

Happy Earth Day! As I was walking my son to school this morning, a sweet little girl in his class was telling me all about Earth Day and that already that morning she had turned off the light in the bathroom when she left it. “And that was my first good Earth Day work,” she said.

You, too, can do your first good Earth Day work in a way that might just seem self-indulgent. And it doesn’t involve recycling, or water rationing or green living or any of the other myriad things i’m sure you’re ALREADY doing in your life. no, this one involves sitting in a dark movie theatre, perhaps with popcorn and reese’s peanut butter cups (or is that just me?) and watching the new DisneyNature film “Oceans.”

It’s gorgeous and wonderful and breathtaking and utterly necessary for every person to see – especially with your children. My son was mesmerized – just captivated by the whole film – and he talked a blue streak (no pun intended) the entire way home about our oceans and the worlds that live within them.

From a mother’s perspective, the most touching moment in the entire film involves a walrus and her baby and if you are not even the least bit misty after watching that, than perhaps you need to have your heart checked.

Sharks, dolphins, eels, sea lions, penguins – all your favorites and even some new ones, like a blanket octopus that looks like an hermes scarf floating through the water…

you’ll be captured by it. spread the word. and, to make matters even better, if you see Oceans in its first week, (april 22-28) disneynature will contribute $.20 per ticket to The Nature Conservatory’s Adopt a Reef program in the Bahamas.

Going to the movies never felt better.

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