today i am loving…poppopportraits

occasionally, i take some time for myself…make a cup of coffee and the occasional biscotti and sit in front of my computer browsing through etsy. it’s like a naughty little pleasure for me…just clicking through all of these wonderful artists, craftspersons and all-around creative marvels. so, from now on I will be highlighting some of these artists and their products on my blog…

today, i am loving poppopportraits. her name is helena and she’s awesome. i love her drawings, adore her wit and just think she’s cool as a cuke.

my favorite is “nerdy nymphet” because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to be a nerdy nymphet. it’s what I aim for, ladies and gentlemen…

nerdy nymphet copyright poppopportraits


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2 responses to “today i am loving…poppopportraits

  1. just found your blog and wanted to say it’s lovely and your illustrations and the way you inspire kids to do art is amazing.

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