Calistoga Weekend

My husband and I were invited to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday at Solage in Calistoga…we had toodled through the Napa Valley before but, ridiculously, we don’t find ourselves there very often despite our proximity…Why, oh, why don’t we spend more time there? Just driving through the vineyards and open fields of blossoming mustard, we felt like we were a million miles away from any responsibility or care…

And Solage (, if you ever get the chance to visit, is the most spectacular, stunning little piece of heaven I’ve seen in a long time. Simple and elegant little cottages tucked at the foot of the rolling Napa hillsides…and two little cruiser bikes sitting outside each cottage for easy rides around the paths and into downtown Calistoga. The service was exactly what you’d like it to be – easy, congenial, never over-bearing and utterly elegant. The food was amazing, the grounds were breathtaking…Many thanks to our hosts for not only introducing us to this little spot of heavenliness, but for making such a memorable weekend for us all…

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  1. Oh, what heaven. I love that photo of the outdoors its so nicely framed. And the bikes. It all looks so so peaceful…

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