jane and rochester


jane and rochester...copyright k.t. blue designs 2010

was sifting through an article about all of the movies i have yet to see in this lifetime and read that they are releasing yet another version of jane eyre in a few months. don’t get me wrong. i adore jane eyre. i really adore jane eyre. i’ve read jane eyre exactly 256 times and will probably read it again before the week is through…but, good lord, do we need another film version? let’s see..i’ve seen the one with orson welles and joan fontaine (the best)..i’ve seen the one with george c. scott (the worst)..i’ve even seen the one with william hurt. seriously? william hurt as rochester? no no no. and now it appears we’ll be blessed with yet another.


what’s wrong with just allowing the book to exist and for us all to sit there, next to a nice cozy fire, and read the book while creating the perfect versions of jane and rochester in our minds and hearts without assigning an actor’s face to the part. the rochester in my mind is so vastly different from any of the actor’s i’ve seen in the part and mine is still my favorite…he looks a lot like the man in my artwork of jane eyre, perhaps with a few less sideburns…


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  1. Feel the same way about Pride and Prejudice where the very old BBC TV series was such compulsive viewing it ruins you for the rest. (Though Darcy striding through the field in the recent movie version was pretty amazing)

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