today i am loving: huset

ok. so maybe i’ve been watching a few too many episodes of hgtv’s “house hunters international” and maybe i’m a little too prone to daydream of moving to denmark and riding my bicycle through immaculate streets with uber-fashionable and healthy scandinavians around me…what was i saying? oh, yes. house hunters. anyhoo, allow me this one little moment of pure deliciousness and join me in loving huset – the delightful scandinavian online shop of some of the most fab items i’ve seen in some time. now, i’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for swedish design (and no, i’m not talking about ikea, although their meatballs are divine)..and huset is the best of the best. apparel, accessories, dishes, linens, knickknacks and….the pièce de résistance…(drum roll please)…these “blossom and bill” coffee mugs from isak.


isak blossom and bill mug

i mean, seriously? how awesome would i be walking my boys to school with this in my hand? honestly, i might swoon…don’t believe me? take a peek for yourself…



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3 responses to “today i am loving: huset

  1. You would be totally awesome walking to school with that fine mug in your hand. I am laughing just thinking about it. Love those Swedes too!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, we’re so happy that you enjoy our site, you are the reason we started Huset in the first place! Skål (cheers)

    • Oh, I just adore it. I’m on your site constantly, getting inspired…finding new must-have items and just generally loving every item you have. Congratulations on such an amazing site…

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