i’m not asking for much

in case any of you were wondering what i’d really like for my birthday this year, look no further than the tumbleweed tiny house company. http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com. Teeny Tiny houses with no more than 100 square feet and yet they’re utterly darling, environmental, functional and quite chic! Founder Jay Shafer has been living in tiny houses since 1997. You can choose from a variety of models and even build it yourself for those blessed with that level of craftiness. Imagine just planting a little house somewhere you’ve always wanted to live. For those of you listening, I would like two please. One overlooking Loch Fyne in Scotland where we went on our honeymoon and the other in my backyard where I will turn it into my art and writing studio. No need to wrap these for me. Just a big red ribbon will do.


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2 responses to “i’m not asking for much

  1. Kitty

    Those are so cute! Where is Loch Fyne? Tim and I are going to Scotland this summer for our 10th!

    • Oh my goodness….i’m so jealous!! Loch Fyne is in Argyll on the western coast near Inverary…We stayed at Stonefield Castle there for part of our honeymoon and its honestly one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever seen. Just beautiful…If you want any other recommendations, I’m always happy to talk about it! : ) We did a counter=clockwise driving tour staying at castle hotels all the way and it’s still by far the best trip we’ve ever been on….so excited for you guys!!

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