today i am loving: dude and chick

total fabulousness. i just stumbled across dude and chick on etsy and i’m in love. this letterpress stationery company is based in St. Paul,  Minnesota and John and Katie design and print all of their stationery in-house. utterly awesome.

my favorites by far are:

1) bangin’ birthday. i mean c’mon now.


dude and chick's bangin' birthday


2)  just my type (you know, valentine’s day is just around the corner. i’m just sayin’)

dude and chick just my type


and, the piece d’ resistance….

3) rugged and manly


dude and chick you are rugged and manly



i can’t get enough of them, nor should you…visit them at


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2 responses to “today i am loving: dude and chick

  1. Oh just hilarious, love the “type”. So original!

  2. Also just to let you know, I passed the Stylish Blogger Award to you
    There is a little logo that goes with it – will send to you.
    You do seven things people may not know about you, then pass it on to 10 people.

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