today i am loving: gazbia sirry

the kite...gazbia sirry

Gazbia Sirry, considered one of the today’s leading Egyptian artists, came to my attention through a recent Facebook post by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The post featured her painting The Kite and I found myself so unexpectedly moved by this piece, I just had to learn more about this exquisite artist.

I feel so fortunate to have come upon her work in this slightly unexpected way.  As an Egyptian woman attempting to capture not only Egypt’s culture but the experience of being a woman in that world, Sirry’s artwork is poignant, symbolic, heartbreaking, uplifting and, given the recent groundbreaking events in Egpyt, important in its point of view. She is a treasure I am lucky to have found.

in the classroom....gazbia sirry

the balcony in rome....gazbia sirry

the angel 1972...gazbia sirry

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One response to “today i am loving: gazbia sirry

  1. What beautiful pieces. I love the Kite, it captures exactly the floating and the running. She is so unique – I can’t really quite define what her style is which even more interesting. How would you define her style? I spent six weeks backpacking in Eqypt and it is the most amazing country I have ever been to with the warmest people.

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