thank you for being a friend, elloh

lord knows i can’t resist the golden girls. my grandma deedles and i used to watch them all the time (despite the fact that my great aunt ruth thought they were “blasphemous” mostly because blanche was heavy into the “love talk”) and now, all I have to do is hear those first few chords of “thank you for being a friend” and i’m a goner.

so imagine my sheer delight at finding elloh on etsy ( and her amazing homage to those four gals in various shades of polyester:

i swooned.

but if golden girls aren’t your cup of coffee (and cheesecake), she also has a Pretty in Pink compact mirror complete with Ducky. Which, in addition to the aforementioned print, I wouldn’t be opposed to getting for my upcoming birthday. Just sayin’.


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2 responses to “thank you for being a friend, elloh

  1. “Love talk?” What a great expression! Sounds like your grandma and aunt needed their own show. That’s brilliant, am heading over right now to check out that shop. I can hear Blanche now in that low gravelly voice of heres. And finally Betty White has the fame and recognition she deserves, though I still haven’t seen Cleveland on the telly..

    • Yes, “love talk” – she was appalled whenever it was turned on, so my grandmother and i had to sneak into the downstairs bedroom to watch it. : )

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