rooting around through some old shoe boxes, i came across this picture i drew of my grandfather, pumpy, when i was 14. and it made me smile. not only because it reminded me of his wonderful wavy white hair and the way he always sat with his legs crossed and a finger to his ear, but because he embodied everything kind and wonderful in the world.





he’d spend hours sitting in the family room with his electric shaver quietly buzzing around his cheeks. and he always smelled like ralph lauren polo cologne. and he said things like “son of a gun” and “thanks a million” and always pronounced the word “fellow” like “fulah.” and he could never take his eyes off of my grandmother deedles and he called her “miska” and he called me “poots” (don’t ask) and i miss being called that every day of my life.

how lucky i am to live in a world with a grandfather as wonderful as he was.






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4 responses to “pumpy

  1. This post made me feel quite teary even though my Grandpa died many years ago. Your Grandpa sounds such a lovely man and I love how you’ve captured little details like legs crossed and finger to the ear. My grandpa was a of the old school too, a gentleman in every sense, a tall Irish man, also with loads of white wavy hair who rocked back and forth on his heels and nodded quiet while everything whirled around him. He never interrupted and smiled at most everything. I wish I had inherited some of his patience and ability to simply listen and stay still.

  2. This is adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  3. AZ

    I love this Katie. Wish we had been privileged to know him. xoxox

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