birthday wish list of things i want you to look at and think of me

what with my 25th birthday coming up soon (just smile and go along with it, ladies and gentlemen), and with nothing i really need in the world, i though it’d be fun to put together a little assortment of totally gluttonous items that, should i win the lottery or be a miracle worker, i would purchase for myself. no, not cars or small islands (although i know of a little one in maine i’d like to get my hands on), but rather exquisite pieces of art and handicraft and odds and ends that are worth taking a closer peek at. think of it as my “birthday wish list of things i don’t really want you to buy for me, but just to look at and think of me” that better? here we go…

1) first of all, anything laura amiss does is fine by me. her hand-stitched canvases are just some of my favorite things in the whole entire world. and she just came out with a new one that blends my love of her with my love of all things that can be served in coffee cups…this canvas piece, “time for tea” is just extraordinary and i swooned when i saw it. you can visit her etsy shop at

copyright laura amiss


2) Years ago, I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite artists, Juliette Borda (, illustrate a short story I had published. And the gouache she did for my piece, “Out of the Blue”, of my grandmother sitting on the porch of a half-painted house, continues to be one of my favorite pieces of art of all time. So, as my “don’t really get it for me” gift, I’d like the original of that painting. Because I just have the little picture from the magazine framed on the wall of my office and I’d give my right arm for the real thing. Oh, and if you’d like to read the story, here’s the link…

3) i’d like to go to summer camp again. yes, i’d like to pack my little blue trunk and fill it with mosquito repellent and a canteen with my name written on it in paint pen and my navy blue keds and go to summer camp at Pacific Summer Adventure in Blairsden, Calif. The camp doesn’t actually exist anymore as it did back then in 1984, but if you could somehow manage to get me back there just in time for the slow dance in the Haven where they play Billy Joel’s This is the Time on a little silver tape player and your one ear gets all sweaty since it’s pressed so tightly to the shoulder of the guy you’re dancing with, that would be great. Please make sure they’re going to play Capture the Flag on the golf course tomorrow and that there will be plenty of Cap’n Crunch at breakfast. Thanks.

summer camp 1984 (please note monotone red ensemble)

4) Portland artist, Amanda Blake, has a collection of gorgeous paintings that, for some reason or another, just move me in a way that art rarely does. Her pieces are whimsical and evocative and a bit haunting and I’d be honored to have one in my home. How to pick just one? I can’t. So I’ll pick two. First,  “mary sailed away from home in a boat filled with flowers”.

copyright amanda blake


and then, “tonight her dreams would be beautiful”

copyright amanda blake

you can visit amanda at

5) i’m not sure i would ever have the guts to wear it but, for some reason, i can’t stop looking at this hummingbird necklace from rosita bonita. it’s big and loud and exquisite and maybe what i’m saying is that i’d love to be the kind of women who can wear this and get away with it. find this and more at

copyright rosita bonita

6) and if you can swing it, i’d love to have someone invent a little contraption with a button that, when pressed, will send me directly to the porch of our summer house in maine where i will sit with a cup of coffee and a good book and the smell of lobster juice and butter in the air and the sound of the lobsterboats whirring on the water and my husband’s hand in mine. that shouldn’t be any trouble now, should it?

this is quite good fun, this list is. maybe i’ll think of more. there are eight more days until my birthday after all…


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One response to “birthday wish list of things i want you to look at and think of me

  1. Wow, all these things are so beautiful and so original – can they be my wishes as well? I adore that necklace, like a wee art piece around your neck, I could totally see that on you. Could wear it equally well with shorts or a ball gown! And being a Kiwi kid with no camps I always wanted to go away to camp and swing my legs over a pier and learn those songs all my kids know now. The nearest thing I’ve gotten to camp as an adult is Santa Barbara Vacation Center, you stay at the Uni, eat in the cafeteria and both kids and adults have students taking them, hiking golfing surfing, crafting and so on…
    Have a wonderful b-day, mine is today and I am in my 50th year (arrgh!)

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