paper walking

copyright k.t. blue designs 2011

you know me…i couldn’t possibly not put scissors to paper for the 3-Day Walk, so here is my little paper “thank you” to everyone who has donated so far in support of my participation in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure. i am honored and humbled and so blessed by the support i have received so far…i am eternally grateful and look forward to, with your support, meeting my goal……10 mile walk this morning…and lots more where that came from…lots of love to you all…



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One response to “paper walking

  1. I was on the Bloesem kid’s blog, and was reading old posts on interviews with mothers, when I stumbled upon your interview and was pleased to see a blogger from my town đŸ™‚ Funny to see familiar landscapes etc.

    Your work is wonderful by the way!!

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