words and music from shannon curtis (art by me!)

brightest light in the room...original artwork for shannon curtis by katie m. zeigler

for anyone who hasn’t yet fallen in love with singer-songwriter shannon curtis, please visit her website at www.shannoncurtis.net and listen to her amazing voice, gorgeous lyrics and inimitable style. she’s like a cup of tea on an overcast morning and, once you’ve heard her, you’ll never forget her.

and imagine my utter delight at having the opportunity to work with her on artwork for her new album. with her new songs as inspiration, i’ve created original artwork to accompany each new single that debuts. so far, she’s released “brightest light in the room” (which i utterly adore), including an amazing backstory that made its way into the artwork. next on the list is “book of fiction” which, between you, me and the lamppost, is my utter favorite on the album.

shannon is one of those rare artists whose voice and words and style will linger with you long after the last note has played.  how lucky i am to have shared in this journey of song and art with her.

visit www.shannoncurtis.net/store to purchase your first single today!

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