i adore amanda blake

someday, when i’m a big fancy person, i shall decorate my house with nothing but paintings by amanda blake. i’m not sure words can express how much i adore her artwork – it just tugs at my heart in the best way that art can. there, quite literally, isn’t one I don’t love…but if someone were to sit on me (gently, mind you) and force me to choose my favorites, i’d have to say…

first, “her eyes and her dreams were the color of the sea”…

her eyes and her dreams were the color of the sea

next, “she carried with her the sea”

and, finally, because it reminds me so much of all the best things about my sweetheart, “nigel and lily embracing at sea”

so, again, when i’m big and fancy and have a hundred white walls to fill, you’ll know what to get me as a housewarming present. until then, i’ll put them up in my mind and wait…for more gorgeous artwork, visit http://amandablakeart.com/home.html

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  1. Love that “carried with her the sea”. Amazing line.

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