New Museum Masters Classes!

Hooray! I just finished the syllabus for my Winter Session of Museum Masters! Lots of fun new artists to discover, including (two of my idols) Barbara Cooney and Kara Walker! Here’s what your children have in store starting in January!

Designed for children grades 1-5, Museum Masters Art Appreciation Classes are truly art history at its finest! These classes provide a fun and engaging opportunity for multi-aged children to learn about artists and artistic styles and design their own original artwork. During this session, Museum Masters will be taking a world-tour of museums across the globe – learning about artists from a variety of different countries and time periods. From the Louvre to the Met and lots of spots in between, our Museum Masters students will see examples of famous artists’ work, learn about their lives and the periods in which they lived, and then create original artwork in those styles.

Winter 2013 Class Syllabus

Yes We Can-Can: The Art of Toulouse-Lautrec

Objective: One of the most fascinating artists in history, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec battledsevere deformities to become one of the world’s most beloved painters. We’ll learn about his love of carnivals and dancers and create an event poster inspired by his Moulin-Rouge advertisements.


Hip to be Square: The Art of Mondrian

Objective: Using Mondrian as an entry point to the world of geometric art, we will learn all about this colorful artist, look at samples of his many collections and create our own straight line design with specific attention given to composition and creating a true Cubist creation.

That’s a Wrap: The Art of Deacon

Objective: Richard Deacon is an artist and sculptor who creates works using unusual materials such as steel, wood and cloth. We will be using one of his most famous works, “Restless” as the inspiration for our sculpture project! Each child will write words that describe him or her on long strips of paper, then connect those strips into an abstract piece of art!


Fractured Friends: The Art of Picasso

Objective: Following along with another Cubist artist, we will learn all about Pablo Picasso, with specific focus on his Cubist portraits. This is a two-part project in which the children will first paint self-portraits in a classic style. Then, after they are dry, these portraits will be cut into cubes and rearranged to create new and more Picasso-like piece!


Let’s Follow Kahlo: The Art of Kahlo

Objective: Frida Kahlo is one of the most interesting and colorful artists in history. Her unique sense of style and fantastic eye for color led to a prolific career as a painter. We’ll visit Mexico to learn about the art of Kahlo, particularly her famous self-portraits, and each child will create portraits in her style!

Gaga for Dada: The Art of Michel Duchamp

Objective: We’ll dive right into the art of the absurd with Michel Duchamp and the Dadaist Movement. We’ll discuss Duchamp’s love of “happy accidents” and his penchant for wacky, playful, inventive artwork. Looking at a variety of Dadaist pieces as inspiration, the children will create their own happy accidents with string drop art.


Scratch That: The Art of Cooney

Objective: Perhaps best known for her children’s book illustrations, Barbara Cooney received two Caldecott Awards for her drawings. Her earliest designs were done with scratchboard and the children will be creating their own children’s book covers with this unique technique!

The Red Haring: The Art of Haring

Objective: We will discuss Keith Haring’s importance in pop art and his desire to create art that was accessible to everyone. The children will read a few of Haring’s children’s books and learn about his love of graffiti and break dancing. The children will then create their own piece of pop art centered on a specific theme.

Me and My Shadow: The Art of Walker

Objective: Born in my hometown, Kara Walker has taken the art world by storm with her cut-paper silhouettes. Tackling a variety of social issues, Walker’s artwork pays homage to her African-American heritage and her one-of-a-kind talent. The children will learn about shadow art and create their own piece of papercut silhouette work.

The Tin Man: The Art of De Forest

Objective: Roy De Forest longed to create a magical world in which all of his friends and family could live. He did so with his utterly whimsical and unique sculpture work. Best known as the father of Funk Art, De Forest wanted people to create art that “makes you happy” and we will be doing just that with a fun aluminum foil sculpture project!


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  1. We saw the work of Toulouse in Toulouse, France. I had never realised he was part of the royal family and had an incredible castle by the river with very formal gardens. His posters are so iconic and ubiquitous now they have become part of the landscape but seeing them in person you realise how ahead of his time he was (noone wanted the posters at the time, not even the people he portrayed) with that sweep of the suggestive line.

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    Hi Katie, would you consider/ do you have time to teach at another school? Or is it strictly a labor of love at Parkmead? Let me know! Thanks, Kitty

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