about k.t. blue

me at the age of 4

k.t. blue designs was created nine years ago when my oldest son was born. (Actually, it was created in the two weeks before he was born, since he arrived two weeks late and my nesting instinct was in overdrive.) Bored with watching bad television reruns and unable to walk across the room without hyperventilating, I took out some construction paper, scissors and a glue stick and began creating personalized artwork for his nursery. Nine years (and another beautiful son) later, I’ve created wall art for nurseries, living rooms, children’s rooms and kitchens from California to Virginia and lots of spots in between.

I started out specializing in handmade, personalized framed artwork, featuring a child’s name and likeness. I’ve now grown to offer a wide variety of artwork, stationery (including note cards, notebooks, magnets and other cute items) and apparel (children’s tees and onesies). I’ve also begun the wonderful adventure of teaching art classes for children and have loved every minute of introducing art appreciation to those who appreciate it most! I also provide “art parties” for children’s birthday parties and write two blogs: one about my business (www.ktblue.wordpress.com) and one with recommendations for children’s books (www.mymamasgoodnight.wordpress.com).

Every piece of original art is made entirely by hand by me (still using construction paper, scissors and a glue stick…).  I am a wife, a mother of two boys, a writer, an artist and a Stanford gal who loves charlotte bronte, see’s candy, generous impulses and men who share the same name as the guy who wrote “Dracula.”

Thank you so much for visiting and I hope to see you again soon. In the meantime, check out my artwork at http://www.ktblue.com and become a fan on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ktbluedesigns

lots of love



3 responses to “about k.t. blue

  1. Hello,
    You visited our website from your blog today , I wont mind if you add us under “i adore these blogs and sites” and can leave comments on our website whenever you want .


  2. Rick Pister

    Hi Katie,

    I am suffering insomnia and did a Google search for Camp PSA. Of course there is nothing to find except for your blog. Those were some of the best of times back then. I sure wish I could go back for one more day, like you described- capture the flag and a dance. Hopefully I could squeeze in a tubing down Feather River, a camp fire singing songs with Mrs. Marge, and then sobbing all the way back to my cabin one last time.

    Anyway, thanks for putting out what, I imagine, many former PSA campers still feel. At least I still have some pictures and an old newsletter….oh, and great memories of a long time ago.

    Best regards,

    PSA Camper 1981-1986

    • Dear Rick,

      You can’t believe how great it was to get your e-mail! Thank you so much for reaching out, and bringing back so many wonderful memories of PSA.

      I’ve thought so often of how amazing it would be to put together some sort of reunion for us all…it’s hard to describe to people who never experienced it just how wonderful it was. I can still picture Mr. Lee singing “With a Hand on Myself, Vas es das here”…not to mention weeping all the way back to upper village after dedicated my sticks at the last campfire. So many of my most wonderful memories of childhood are based in PSA – slow dancing in the Haven, first help, capture the flag, singing Johnny Appleseed as grace in the mornings…the whole experience shaped me in such a pivotal way. How lucky we are to have had that experience…something I certainly want for my two sons. So sad they can’t just pack up their trunks and head to Blairsden as we did…

      I hope you are well – and I can’t thank you enough for your e-mail and for the reminder of what a magical two weeks can do.

      All best

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