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tasting yellow…hearing blue

wassily kandinsky, sky blue

did you know that kandinsky had synaesthesia, a condition that allows a person to appreciate sounds, colors or words with two or more senses simultaneously? he could taste the color yellow…hear the color blue….can’t wait to share this with my students at tuesday’s museum masters class!


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k.t. blue class: heart scarves

fuzzy hearts

yesterday’s class was so fun…we made heart scarves for valentine’s day and the kids had a ball…

i started with cutting out 200 hearts from red and pink fabric and made create straight rows of hearts (why? i’ll tell you in a minute), then cut two holes in the top of each through which we’d put the ribbons…then i cut a whole lot of ribbon in four inch segments…

once the children arrived we started mapping out the patterns we wanted in out scarves, laid our hearts out and began knotting the hearts together with various pieces of ribbon. i told each child that the scarves could have no less then 20 hearts in them to make sure they were long enough…i loved watching the patterns and ribbons that each child picked…we had a great assortment of ribbon – grosgrain, polka dots, stripes, florals..so the kids had a great selection to choose from…

the scarves turned out beautifully! and we wrapped each of them in a cute gift bag and each child wrote out a gift tag…perfect for a valentine gift..there are going to lots of happy mamas this valentine’s day…

as for the fabric i cut the hearts from..i wanted them to be in straight rows because i turned the fabric into the tablecloth for the days lesson…

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table runner confidential

paper table runner

for those of you waiting with bated breath for the unveiling of my paper table runner, wait no longer! the photos have been downloaded…pretty darn cute, if i do say so myself…

paper table runner

of course, the highlight of the event was the fact that no gravy was spilled on it at all – ensuring that future generations will get to enjoy the paper table runner. “did grandma bring that darn table runner she made again?” “when is she going to throw that darn thing away?”

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wrapping paper runner

uccelli wrapping paper

seeing as i just went to home goods to try to find a thanksgiving centerpiece, and all they had were santas and reindeer (not a turkey in sight!), i think i might just put those scissors skills of mine to good use and make a table runner to complement my tablecloth. i got inspired yesterday when i was at a really cute store in berkeley called “castles in the sky” and they had these gorgeous reams of italian wrapping paper. got me thinking about creating a table runner with wrapping paper and ribbon.  so, today i’m heading to the container store (which has the BEST wrapping paper around, in my opinion) and starting my creation. my thinking is a long runner and then i’ll cut holes along both sides with a hole punch and then run grosgrain ribbon through them like laces…wish me luck! i’ll post updates…

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